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Once you have entrusted a VicHomes Real Estate agent to manage your property, you will be exclusively authorising that agency to act on your behalf. We will then appoint experienced property managers, who will be responsible for the day to day management of your property and tenancy.

Your property manager/s will act as guardian/s of your property and will provide a range of ‘personalised’ services that all include:

  • Professionally screening and selecting tenants
  • Providing a detailed explanation of the owners/tenants rights and obligations
  • Receiving rents and issue receipts
  • Arranging for repairs and maintenance to the property
  • Paying of accounts such as water services and council rates
  • Processing any insurance claims that may arise
  • Exercising the owners/tenants rights to terminate leases and tenancies
  • Reletting the property at the end of each tenancy in the event of a vacancy
  • Preparing and checking the property’s inventory
  • Doing all such lawful things as may be directed by the owner in writing from time to time
  • Professionally and accurately reporting on the condition of the property at the inception, during and end of each tenancy
  • Such authority is given for a period of time and thereafter until 30 days written notice is given to terminate the management by either party.

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